Blonde3 I’m seeing a trend in my patients over the last little while. A a few patients a correlation does not make, but I’m seeing a group of young, (under 30) female patients who’se sex drive has gone south for the winter. Given how common low libido is, this isn’t that unusual. What is surprising is how much they resemble each other. They all tend to be tiny, super petite girls, all on the contraceptive pill, and all who should be boffing their brains out with loving, charming partners. And are not.

Despite changing brands of birth control pills, these women find their sexual desire almost non-existent. I’ve been trying a few things to kick start their drives, since the doctors aren’t offering up any reasonable solutions. Testosterone isn’t the answer (besides it lowers your voice, and gives you hairy chins, and then who wants to have sex with you?), unless your blood test for free testosterone is unbelievably low. I’m suggesting large amounts of Omega 3 (10 pills a day),  4 oz of very dark chocolate (85% or more cocao), a little red wine, exercise, doing keegal erecises like mad, charting their cycles and sexual moods, getting off the pill, and increasing the amount of semen they ingest. Yup, you read correctly, I encourage them to swallow. The prosteglandin in semen is significant, and if you are using condoms, and don’t taste your partner often you may be missing out on an excellent source of dopamine that can help kick-start your desire. So pucker up, it’s an aquired taste and possibly, the more you get the more you want. 

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