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I was at a great presentation at the Queen's University Executive training school yesterday. I actually brought my mom (as part of her Mother's day gift). The speaker, Kerry Munro is an old family friend (Mom had to tell the women sitting next to us that "she used to change his diapers…". groan). Anyway it was great content, and it struck me that these social connections I was told about are great for sex.

So I went looking. Search twitter (I didn't know until yesterday you could do that either) I found these twitter quickies…. "Great dismount", "Had a nooner and I was awesome" "Following Matt Lauer's infidelity". 

  Or how about this one: Google Thinks Sexual Older Women Are Gross, But “Sugar Daddies” A-OK, Sexual Fantasy: More Previews of Jake Gyllenhaal in "Prince of Persia", Men also get genital yeast infection, no symptoms, pass to their sexual partner.
Social media at its finest. The things I learn. Does it all have to do with sex or do I just have a dirty mind?

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