Hockey I was watching the hockey game last night at a place called Mort’s pub (the Senators crushed the Leafs  8-2 and banged their little pointed heads into the ice). With the beer and testosterone flowing, it struck me ( as it does) just how much sports and sex have in common. In hockey it’s playing between the periods, stick handling, and "taking it upstairs to score". They were also talking about getting into the playoffs "through the back door, not the front". In golf it’s "putter play, the small balls, holes in one", baseball about hitting the bases, sliding, and diving in to the pocket. In tennis think "40 love, grand slam etc., you get the metaphors.Hockey2

A few years ago when I had the chain of love and romance stores (and during the hockey strike) we came up with these ads linking sex and hockey. They were picked up by a few sports radio guys (who had nothing else to talk about I Guess), and were a big hit. Everyone understands that beings sweaty, competing for a big payoff, and trouncing your enemies has a quasi-sexual feel to it. In Canada, where hockey is a religion, and it was a way to have fun and celebrate how more women were probably getting more sex since there was no hockey to watch. At least there seemed to be an increase in babies born the fall after the hockey strike. I should talk, my son was conceived during the ice storm on those long, dark winter nights with nothing to do.

Since there are no plays on the ice, why not take it upstairs?

If you re game, we can help you get into some heated

negotiations with no chance of a lock-out.


The only place left you can still score…

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