Autofellatio As a sex therapist, you never know what’s may be walking into your office next. I’ve seen every kind of costume, and thought I had treated most problems, fetishes, and addictions in my fifteen years in private practice and handling radio calls. Last week’s guy had a difficulty that I had never seen before. A fit guy, who, with the gift of double jointed hips, and an extremely well endowed penis, and he could take his own penis into his mouth. I guess it’s like women who can climax just by having their nipples pulled. There is always someone to be jealous of.

A problem you must be thinking? What problem?  I thought that too, except between a sexually active partner, and his personal party trick, this guy wasn’t getting any work done. He would rather stay home. He wanted to know if five times a day, and ingesting his own semen would cause long term problems.  I swear I couldn’t make this stuff up, and some days my job includes serious conversations about how much self fellatio is too much. It’s like that old joke…"why does a dog lick himself?" Because he can… In humans it’s less than 1% of guys who have the magic combination, and the rest of us who just wish we could.

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