I have been hosting this libido workshop to help couples balance out their sex drives and increase lagging desire. Despite there being loads of evidence that sexual desire is physical, learning how to put your partner in the mood pays a lot of dividends.
Given that 80% of people with low libido are women, I thought we should start with seduction tips to make the woman in your life a little friskier.
1. Magnesium. Get some and hand it to her with her vitamin in the morning.
2. dark chocolate and red wine after work. It relaxes her, puts up her blood sugar and the combination of tannins and the antioxidants in the chocolate causes a jump in serotonin.
3. Leave her erotic voicemails. Women are turned on by what they imagine and hear. Sexy voicemails will start her thinking about it.
4. Scream Cream. Like a regular sex shop orgasm cream but with much, much more scream cream added to those squishy parts may be the oil her engine needs. I’ll post the recipe tomorrow.
5. Genuine, specific comments about her body parts. Evolutionary psychologists have shown that women are programmed to be skeptical of what you say. It’s their way of protecting themselves from manipulative men who don’t want to commit to relationships.Admire something about her that’s specific. She’ll just melt and be more inclined to let you in.