It’s hard to think of the lowly onion as an aphrodisiac. But it’s a big one.
The Greeks called it a “bulb” (not to be confused with garlic or edible flower bulbs). They were cooked in various ways, and eaten with “aphrodisiac salads” containing honey and sesame seeds – two other foods considered libido-boosters. During the middle ages it was banned as a food for it’s libido enhancing properites. It’s a herbal remedy for high blood pressure and helps increase the blood flow to the genitals. If you’ve been following this blog, then you’ll know that sexual performance is tied to blood flow to your all important private parts.
Here is my comfort recipe for homemade french onion soup. It’s a meal in itself. Looks like you slaved all over the place, but is easy/peasy.
3 onions sliced. (I use the sweet Puruvian ones if I can find them. The one pictured below is red onion.
3 tablespoons of butter
2 tabesoons of sugar
healthy splash of wine
chunks of french bread
one can of low sodium chicken stock.
grated mozerella.
Cook the onions in the butter. Add the sugar and cook until they are soft and carmelized. Pour in the wine and chicken stock and simmer some more, say 10 minutes. Ideally use soup bowls that go in the oven, but individual baking dishes work well. Put in a chunck of french bread in each dish. I keep a loaf sliced in my freezer for this and other dishes like brochetta. Pour the onion mixture over the bread and throw the moz cheese on top. Cook in the oven at broil for 3 minutes (don’t check you email or answer the door, it will cook quickly). Use overn mits so you don’t curse your burned fingers (I swear like a sailor when I burn the tips). Serve immediately, wait an hour and then get ino something sexy. You’ll find out about the aphrodisiac properties first hand. Smile