I hooked up with Paul Plakas this week at a big boot camp event on Parliament Hill. We were both speaking at an event in Ottawa about abundant health. Me about (you guessed it), sex and libido, and Paul about changing your body and your life. Paul is Canada’s host of x-Weighted, the “Big Loser” spin off north of the boarder.
Paul’s an engaging guy. He’s the “everyman’s kind of trainer. He’s not an ex-Olympian, hockey player, or actor, he’s just a kick-ass personal trainer. Just like I hate getting diet advice from super models. What the Hell does Cindy Crawford know about obesity?
I got his book, Lean, Fit and Pain Free in the 21st Century. He succinctly spoke about managing food, working on brain patterns and how to stop thinking you are doing something and actually get some results. He offers up these 10 suggestions for losing weight without killing yourself in the process.
1. Don’t hang around unmotivated or fat people. Create an environment where the chances of successes are greater.
2. Never eat fast food again. Those are dead toxic calories that are stored as fat.
3. Exercise everyday. A minimum of a 500 calorie workout should be done daily with intensity. (Sigh)
4.Don’t eat packaged food. It goes alone with my mantra of if you can’t pick it, milk it or shoot it, don’t eat it. Bad examples of NON- food are kraft dinner, eggo’s white bread and boxed cereals.
5. Add something and give something up. 3 extra flights of stairs or 1 less tbs butter daily will drop you 10 pounds in a year.
6. Do not drink calories. Cut out the booze, juice, and sweetened drinks.
7. Eat 10 servings of fruits and veggies in a day. More veggies than fruits.
8. Never follow another gimmicky diet again. “nuff said about that.
9. Eat breakfast within 30 minutes of getting up.
10. Don’t eat out. There is loads of butter etc. hidden in restaurant foods.