So more of what we describe as “middle-aged date nights from Ottawa’s self professed sexiest couple”.
Our date night adventures started when I read the survey that said the one common denominator of great marriages were that the couples went on weekly date nights. I was telling my patients to go, but wasn’t going out a often myself. It was a case of “physician heal thyself”. I enlisted the help of Blaik, my love and fellow adventurer and we went out to see what kind of fun and sexy dates we could discover about O town.
These are the continuing adventures of of us trying fun, sexy and sensual things and writing about them. Hopefully some of the events are not on a limited engagement and if you are so motivated, you and your sweetie could duplicate the experience.
This week we did a Thursday night dinner and Bealtes tribute. We did the $10 fahitas at Local Hero’s on Merivale with the after work crowd in for the cheap Coronas. The Beatles group the Cavenners started at 8 at Centrepointe theatre and were absolutely outstanding. We went with no expectations. We had seen a Supertramp tribute band that wasn’t very good, but this Ontario based tribute band is selling out venues across the country. They are that good. We thought Paul imitator (Sandy Vine) sounds more like Paul, than McCartney does now. John (although a great musician) was the least “Bealtles-like” but the band was cohesive and very fun.
Lots of grey hairs in the crowd. The band asked the question “how many of you remember the 1964 Ed Sullivan show?” Plenty of hands were up and the crowd danced, stamped their feet and sang along to every word. I loved the holding hands and singing off key in a dark autatorium along with hundreds of of your fellow Beatles fans. They are playing at Centrepoint March 25, ad 26. Catch them next time they are in town.
We left thinking that tonight’s date night was out of the park.