I wrote a bunch of content for my new podcast, but until my computer gets fixed, we get to do it the old fashioned way.  I have this very cool new blackberry, so if you want to comment, I’ll recieve if on my new wireless… sexwithsue@rogers.com.  I would love your feedback.

Anyway, here are a few more toys I like.  I’ll get through my list of cool sex toys this week, and then I’ll start on the audio podcasting.  Then you can listen as well as read.Bush_with_rabbit  I think everyone needs a toy as a stress reliever.  Here’s a pic with Mr. Bush and the ever popular rabbit. (and we know how stressed "shrubby" is these days…)

The Egg and Dual Bullets Combo

This is the toy that if your Mom finds in your sock drawer, she won’t know that it’s actually for putting a smile on your face. They’ll never get in the way, but they’ll take you all the way!  Most sex toys don’t even compare to this one but you get two together, they fit in, on or around every orifice in your body. The universal shape, can put it inside, outside, against the head of the penis, nipples, and in combination against the testicles, it’s great alone, but it’s real beauty is as a tandem toy. Think two for the price of one- this is a great starter toy.

Waterproof Jelly G – Spot

Considering that the best G- Spot orgasms will make you with you were in scuba gear, one for the bathtub, hot tub, lake etc. seems like a great idea. Covered in comfortable jelly with extra girth, so they press into you when they need to, the G Spot vibes, always have that little hook, that presses around your pubic bone. With the G Spot vibes, you can either get there or not (My doctor describes it as having to pick his wife up with his fingers…), depending on how close your G- Spot is to the surface of the vagina. Still, if you like internal stimulation, this is one of the best.


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