Needle So there is a new shot that will prevent you from getting the virus associated with genital warts that causes women cervical cancer.  Considering genital warts are rampant, and close to 75% of Canadians will be exposed to the virus in their lifetime, this comes at a great time to get stabbed if you are a sexually active woman.

I asked an infectious disease doctor about it recently.  A few of my recently single, 30-something friends wondered if they should pay (the few hundreds of dollars) to get the shot. It seems, that it is only meant for girls/women ages 9 to 26. Old chicks like me (if I were to choose to run around on the wonder husband) don’t need to get it because our cellular mucosa is too seasoned to adhear to the type of virus that causes the worrisome cervical cancer. It is safe, can’t hurt, and may be a thought if you are an aging party girl out doing the football team, but not as big of a worry for us older broads.  I guess with mamograms and menopause looming, we have enough to worry about.


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