Techniques Everybody’s different. I was reminded of that again this week. As the "expert" I think I have more than a basic understanding of bodies and how they work, but even though we all seemingly have similar parts, (a few wayward hermaphrodites excepted), partners can respond uniquely depending on the person, time of month, or type of stimulation. One size sure as Hell doesn’t fit all. You try what may have worked on the previous number of partners, and now with a new person, and all your honed skills aren’t worth anything as the new partner is left cold and wants a stronger, faster, deeper, lighter or altogether different sexual approach. It’s like comparing apples and paw paw fruits. That is the challenge of teaching something as personal as G spot stimulation. What works for me, may be completely different to what seemingly works on some of my friends. If men sat around and expanded on their sexual knowledge by talking to each other, their skills would improve, but it’s only by paying attention, and really being observant to your partner’s cues, can you tailor a good grounding in sexual knowledge to out of body sexual pleasure for your specific lover.  So despite a conversation I had about how incredibly hot new, casual, immediate sex can be, I firmly believe that sex really does get better with time. And being humble enough to know that a wealth of sexual experience doesn’t mean you should be "cock of the walk", because what worked before may leave your current partner bored or frustrated. So we press on fellow sex pioneers, amateur gynecologists, and other interested parties looking for new ways to drive our partners absolutely wild.  New

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