Comic-Con which is the place for established and aspiring humour actors is fast becoming the next coolest place to see A list celebrities. Now the new show with Sarah Michelle Geller called Ringer is being promoted with Buffy fans going crazy. I’m a Geller fan (don’t get me started on my addiction to True Blood) and I think Geller has great timing as an actress.
Ringers is the story of two identical twin sisters with complicated lives, lovers, murders and other secrets.
Elaborately directed and cool new trailer (have a look)
Let’s you see how the gorgeous Geller is playing the role about a strong woman who is both good and evil. A nice change from vapid women waiting for their man. And if there is one character Sarah doesn’t play it is vapid. So here’s to strong female actors who can take lovers, make us both laugh and cry, and kill vampires when the need arises.