I was talking to a friend about my fascination with reptiles. She wanted to know “was it the two legged or four legged kind?” Meaning many partners can display reptilian behaviour (you may have had a snake in your past), but I am talking about the ones they keep at zoos.
Dinosaurs among us. Does anyone find crocodiles mesmorizing?
Check out the pictures of me feeding them hotdogs at Gatorland in Florida last week. Cool huh? There is something about how ferocious they are. We watched them feed the Nile crocs when we were in Souh Africa a few years ago and it ranks as one of my most memorable experiences. It sounded like a bullet going off when they snapped. African crocs kill 2000 people a year. The gators we hung with were happy to be left alone-provided you didn’t bug them.
I have the video, the cheesy picture of the guy opening the gators mouth with his chin (I love those low brow shows), and one of the rare white gator.
I know I know ( and yes I am hormonal) but I cant help myself.
Back on track with new stff coming up after my inner kids got to feed the zoo animals.