I laughed so hard I peed my pants. Well it doesn’t take much these days for me to pee my pants. I’ve had two kids (with very large melons, both of them), lower hormones as I slide towards menopause, and a bladder the size of a thimble.
If I’m not careful I leak when I laugh.
Not a great thing to do on a date night.
We go out to comedy nights regularly on cheap Tuesdays, and I’m always cutting out the coupons for the 2 for 1 Abolute Comedy night forms. The challenge is that we never keep track of who we’ve seen, and they repeat frequently. Our two favorites are the Du Wops (two Italians from Toronto) who make up songs with very dirty lyrics, and Slim Bloodworth the lesbian comic from Texas.
Comedy nights are great dates. You can sit in the back row and get frisky when the lights are down and everyone is watching the comic. The laughing puts you at ease and gets rid of the tension in your shoulders. Women in particular find comedy an aphrodisiac. I know I do.
We’ll often go for square pizza at the Prescott before an evening of Absolute Comedy. Talk to Dave the waiter, he can also get you for 1 tickets for Yuk Yuk’s upstairs at the Prescott. With $3 parking on Preston, you have two great comedy options and landmark pizza across the street from each other. Get out there, start dating your spouseand laugh until you too pee your pants.