Campfire Sitting around another campfire last night. This one where everyone in the group was naked (more on that later this week as I explore my inner nudist), but as the conversation drifted to weekend gynaecology from the guys sitting around, a universal truth struck me that will no doubt resonate. It doesn’t matter what you have, how old you are, or if you’ve gotten it in the last five minutes, guys are thinking about sex. I know, I know no big news flash Sue, but it constantly suprises me how horny men are, and how few women truly get that basic fact of life. I’ll be back in a few hours with more insight, but hold that thought….

Okay, part 2. As I scratch the mosquito bites on my ankles from this week’s campfire I wanted to elaborate on the first part of this unfinished post. During the conversation with a group of thinking men (the only kind I hang with) the campfire boys articulated very well the push pull of sexual integrity, and carnal pleasures. Like using porn and feeling guilty for it, trying to keep eye contact, depsite the push up bra, and getting the jolt of phermones and keeping from obviously leering erectly, are a few of the examples that seem to torment guys. It was in conversation with  a few men whose vasectomies finally lowered their sex drives enough to get some work done that helped me put a close to this train of thought.  The constant- just-below-the-surface urgency of sexual desire seems almost liberating when it’s gone. I need to have more sympathy, and encourage my friends and patients to do the same. It’s another Robin Williams joke again, about two heads with only enough blood to run one at a time. I think far more of men than just that, but then again, when it comes to sexual desire, it may not be far from the truth.

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