Techniques Sprouts Pom My sweetie thinks I'm a bit cracked. No more than usual, but since I am reading everything I can get my hands on about women and hormones, I've taken to making jars of sprouts all over the kitchen. The more I understand both medically, clinically and personally about estrogen receptors and phytoestrogen, the better I'm eating.  And sprouts are one of the best thing you can eat to fight estrogen dominance, keep your weight down and your sex drive high. So I now sprout with the best of them.

Here's why it is important to me, and it may be relevant to a woman in your life. Belly fat is a source of estrogen. Lots of belly fat means you are sluggish, cuddly, lots of vaginal secretions,sleep alot, have irregular periods, and become naturally less sexual and sexy. Since I am a woman with curves (and there have been times when I've had lots of curves and belly fat), this is my problem. It may be yours as well. I'm combating the problem with lots of the aforementioned sprouts, as much exercise as I can fit in, and pomegranate juice.

Pomegranate seeds have been used in Middle Eastern countries to treat menopause and hormonal issues for milleniums. Pomegranate contains compounds like punicalagin, antioxidants, flavonoids, and coumestrol.  But it is the only plant currently known to contain estrone. Pomegranate's medicinal ingredients alter the way estrogen receptor cells respomd to the body's own estrogen, which is important for North American women who are overloaded with estrogen from their environment. (source: Vanderhaeghe, and Sexy Hormones).

So, while I manage my body, my crazy hormones, and my life I take a moment to drink some Pom and eat some seeds. All I can say is that I feel good and stay sexy. It's seems to be working for both me and my patients, and I would be happy to field emails about your sex drive issues at  

3 thoughts on “More about kickstarting female sex drive and the wonders of sprouts and Pomegranate

  1. GypsyJo

    I am wondering if I can, or if you have tried to…sprout pomegranate seed, not to start a plant but to sprout them to eat ? If so…any tips?

    • Sue

      Thanks for the question. I haven’t tried them. I forwarded your question onto Mum’s sprout company where I buy them. Stay tuned for the answer, or write me at

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