monicaHow would you feel if the ex wife of one of your lovers sell your lingerie in a public auction? Now imagine that ex-lover (who happened to be an old High School teacher who you had an affair with while you were his student) sells off the lingerie from your affair with then President Bill Clinton?
It turns out that personal items, including a negligee, once owned by White House intern Monica Lewinsky and obtained during a federal investigation into her affair with President Bill Clinton are going on sale.
Among the letters and clothing items are an extra large black negligee and a large blue velour hoodie, but not the infamous blue dress, which played a role in proving the president and the intern had an inapropriate relationship in the 1990s.
Monica isn’t making any money on this auction. The items, which are expected to raise in excess of $50,000 for the ex-wife of Monica’s ex-lover is just another example of why discretion with former partners may be the better art of valor.
The 32 items at one point belonged to Andy Bleiler, another married man with whom Lewinsky allegedly conducted an affair while she interned at the White House. In conducting his investigation into the president, special prosecutor learned of Lewinsky’s affair with Bleiler and took the items “to examine as potential evidence,” according to auction house Nate D. Sanders. The ex-wife gets them back and cashes in.
Monica who at 38 and living in New York is for the most part flying under the radar. She has her masters in Social Psychology, and according to the blogs, is still single. I guess Bill is a hard act to follow. I hope she doesn’t sell her blue GAP dress.