The problem with staying on most diets is threefold (in my opinion).
1. Cravings. Your body wants sugar, salt, fat or something else it thinks it’s missing and you struggle to turn it down. If you don’t get cravings (you are lucky), but you also don’t get the power they have for someone who does. Cravings are real, but nobody ever died from a craving.
[B]Solutions:[/B]Eat or drink bitter foods to get rid of them. Things like mustard greens or kale. I keep it simple. I drink apple cider vinegar in water (or take the tablets), or use cleaning herbs or liquid chlorophyll to eliminate the urges. If that doesn’t work then it’s 85% Lindt chocolate squares.
2. Your bored. Eating the same thing over and over is dull. And then you see somethingyou want and it is so easy to slip. It’s easy to fall off the wagon when someone presents you with a piece of delicious looking chocolate cake. Despite your best intentions and how much you try.
[B]Solution:[/B] the dark chcolate in my purse helps. De-gunking yourhose to make sure you aren’t tempted. Don’t let yourself get too hungry. The weight loss brain washing audio and resolutions sheet (go to if you want the free download) at my weak times help me get through it.
3. Lowering yor calories lower than you natural set point will cause hunger pangs and a lowering of your metabolism. Unless you are that 1% of people (or anerexic and that’s a different problem), your body will beat you 99% of the time. Before you know it you’ve actually put on more weight than you did before you started.
[B]Solution:[/B]I keep almonds in a bag with me wherever I go, low-carb chocolate, and Omega 3 bottles in my purse and a flat of water bottles in my car. I also work really hard not to let myself get too hungry.
[B]So what do you do?[/B]
1. Realize that is is sugar and starch that makes you fat. Bump up the healthy fats like coconut oils, extra light olive oils, and Omega 3 capsules. Eat extra meat if you must but stay away from the white flours, potato’s and sweets. I tell people I have a disorder and can’t eat sugar.
2. Try and add 4-5 Omega 3 capsules between meals to keep your metabolsm’s fire stoked and burning.
3. I try and do some exercise in the morning to help me stay on track throgh the day.
4. I track my progress on my resolution sheets.
5. Every month I do a cleanse. I try and keep myself clean from the inside out. By cleaning out my colon I am healthier and lower the yeast and other organisms that increase my cravings.