Although I regularly drop my mic, and I have a terrible time making the sound board work properly, for some reason people still like listening to me. Maybe because, you never know exactly what’s going to happen during one of my shows. Hell, I don’t even know what’s going to happen during one of my shows. I have a show that I call Love and Lipstick. I also do a 3 minute feature entitled The Three Minute Therapist….Have a listen to my demo now.
edited love and lipstick demo
or this!
Sue McGarvie Demo
And here is a list of other 2 minute features I want you to hear!
It’s the beauty of live, or live-to-tape radio. Hard to believe that I’ve been on the air on and off for over 18 years, with surprisingly amazing ratings (no one is ever more amazed than me). I talk exclusively about – you guessed it, sex (with some dating, health and relationship stuff thrown in for good measure). I don’t know much about anything else, but do seem to have a better than average understanding and fascination with how we choose to rub our genitals together. I’ve been on in some of the biggest markets in North America , including CFRB Toronto, CKQB an CJOT Ottawa, and CJAD Montreal (which just means it’s a colorful medley of interesting callers), aog with radio in Florida, NY and in England and Ireland.
Did I mention the slightly irreverent, zany, but always caring show that discusses sex bluntly, but in the nicest possible way? And no, I don’t think that’s not an oxymoron. “Feeling the love”, is my motto. I try to explain the coolest techniques in a way that’s sassy – not brassy.
Listeners, (okay one listener), says “it’s never the same old stuff, I always learn something new from listening to Sue”. (Colleen D. CFRB listener). Gee thanks, Colleen.
The great part of doing a radio show is that I get to interview all kinds of the most famous sex patrons in the world. Scientists, porn stars, famous madams, doctors, authors, sex Gods, and all who want to be, I get to talk candidly and ask the questions (sometimes in my I-can’t-believe-she-just-asked-that, or can-she-say-that-on-radio way), but the point is, that it is content you will not find anywhere else, and it will leave you smiling.

Click here to listen to my 2 minute audio sex tip, or for the longer weekly 45 minute show, that guarantees you’ll get great information about how to be hotter in the bedroom and more importantly get more (or figure out how you’ll want to have more) SEX!

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