I had a really fun show last night talking about male sexual problems.  I love my job.  I get to talk about sex, and had a bunch of guys call in responding to my guest James Whittall, founder and President of men essentials, the first men’s cosmetic site.  He espouced on about the benefits of edible testicle talc (sweaty nut powder), and how his article about shaving Private Ryan, but have a listen yourself.  It’s a 14 minute kick ass interview about the benefits of bikini waxing and going hairless for men.  If only all my guests were as cool and funny as James.  Download james_whittall.mp3 see pic of James below


I also had this question from a listener in response to last night’s show:

Just heard your radio show for the first time, while doing some late
night driving. It would be great if everyone could talk about sex as
openly as you do. I have a question about semen. My semen is often refered
to as \"very thick\", \"chunky\", \"lumpy\" etc. Is thick semen (lumpy)
considered normal? I consider it normal for me, because it has always
been like that. But with the comments, I am starting to think maybe it
isn\’t so normal.  L.

Hey L, lots of men have different consistencies to their semen.  Provided it doesn’t have an odor, or change color, I wouldn’t be concerned. Semen can be influenced by such things as food, fluid, amount of times you ejaculate weekly (I think it should be 4 times a week or more, to clean out the prostate and make the semen more fluid.) Temperature can also influence it. Any woman knows that her body temperature causes the drip-down-the-inside-of-the-thighs phenomenon, within 15 minutes after unprotected ejaculation is deposited in the vagina.  So don’t sweat it.

More cool stuff tomnorrow.

Still feeling the love,


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