I keep looking for new ways to suggest to my patients on keeping your relationship spicy. I’m trying to come up with new date night ideas. Since my date night tend to be Sunday or Monday nights, I’m trying to come up with suggestions for my own relationship. I also encourage my patients to make sure they sensuous time in their week. This means touch, quiet time together, getting your adrenaline up, with new sexual activities.
Here are some of my new suggestions:
1. Feel sexy. Try something new. New bra, new cologne, bright lipstick.
2.Erotic art. Men are visual, and looking at sexy pictures, especially with your partner, will put you in the mood. There is at least one saucy art place in every town.
3. Simply have more sex. Lots of women don’ get into it, unless they are actively into it. Don’t wait to “feel” like having sex to do it,just putting out will get you there.
4. My fridge magnet says, “life begins at the end of your comfort zone”. Try a date night that involves spicy foods (they will heat up your hormones), or something you’ve never done before.
5. Be competitive with your mate. Rock climbing, running race, scavenger hunt etc.
Pitting yourself against your guy can boost attraction, add chemistry, and lead to a hotter sex life. Anything that gets your adrenaline up works.
Here are my new favorites.
1. Swedish spa night. Pretend you are the spa girl and rub your partner down with oil, wash them and then dance slowly with the candles burning.
2. Beer tasting pub night in our neighborhood and then walk home talking about our fantasies.
3. Playing Wii shoot em ups. I’m really bad at them, but they do get your adrenaline moving.
Other suggestions from my online search include:
” Cuddle in front of a fire and watch your favorite movies.
Walk on the beach and stargaze.
Make love in the kitchen.
Sit on the beach, watch the sunset and talk.
Make love all day.
Hold hands.
Share a quiet moment together.
Cook dinner together.
Dance by candlelight.
Give a massage.
Take a bubble bath together.
Cuddle on the sofa and watch TV.
Spend time alone with each other.
Look into each other’s eyes.
Make love in the rain.
Hold hands while taking a walk.
Make love in front of the fire.
Kiss your love.
Have a romantic dinner followed by a walk on the beach.
Sip champagne in a romantic bath together.
Go on a weekend getaway at the beach filled with candlelit dinners.
Make love on the beach.
Lay together in front of the fireplace and just talk.
Go out to a romantic dinner then go to a play or go dancing afterwards.
Dance together in a candlelit room.
Have a candlelit indoor picnic.”