I think Jennifer Hudson is amazing. I thought she was beautiful as a size 16 in the first Sex in The City movie. She can sing, she can act, she’s got cheekbones galore, showed unbelievable grace when her family was in crisis (violent attack), and now she’s down to a size zero. Wow.
She recently channeled her inner Marilyn Monroe to sing Happy Birthday to a 50 year old Barack Obama Saturday. Sexy, poised, I want to know how she dropped 16 sizes???? As the spokesperson for weight watchers she must be having some unprecedented success.
As I do the Dukan Diet (a la Princess Kate Middleton Windsor) I struggle to manage the cravings. I tried weight watchers in my mis-spent youth and found it was only a protein/low carb lifestyle change that has worked for me.
However I found this quote off of Jennifer’s blog she says “being skinny is a job”. And for those of us who can’t spend hours with trainers and have food laid out and prepared need to look at shortcuts. Let me see if I can find some more tips about how we can be spectacular without making it a full time job.