My partner has size 13 feet.  But more importantly, his ring finger is longer than his index finger.

So what,  you say?  Well next time you are in the bar scouting out potential cowboys for that midnight ride, don’t be concerned about the size of their boots, ask to see their hands. "According to University of Liverpool researcher John Manning, the size of your ring fingers and genitals are directly related tohow much testosterone you received in the womb; the higher the testosterone level, the longer they are. In fact, looking at the length of ring fingers in comparison to index fingers will give you an idea of the size of a man’s penis. If the ring fingers are longer, it means that there were healthy testosterone levels; if they were the same size or smaller, it means that there were lowered levels."

This from Daniel Amen, "Sex on the Brain" book cool website on Dr. Amen, and some info on how scanning your brain may solve your emotional problems

I don’t know about you, but I’m going to go around looking at the fingers of guys I know, and whose packages I’ve always wondered about. Fingers

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