I had any epiphany today. Partly in conversation with a patient, and partly in my own twisted brain, I realized what is so seductive about men with a little depth. Don’t get me wrong, I can appreciate a great set of abs as well as the next woman, but what turns me on is smart, funny, literate, articulate, and an underbelly of kinkiness. This isn’t donkeys and crisco kind of kinky, just the offbeat, gently openminded outlook in the bedroom that surprises you at the most intimate of times. The hottest duality of straight up business guy by day, and randy sex slave by night. Think Bruce Wade\Batman, Superman\Clarke Kent and you get the idea why the dichotomy of different personas is so incredibly hot. I think it’s the quiet ones you need to have a second look at. Still waters running deep, that kind of thing. Look for something unconventional about them and it’s usually a good indication that there is a depth of sexuality worth exploring. Alternatively, seduction 101 suggests play up that duality. Marilyn Monroe -sex kitten, little girl voice and act, as any example. Or maybe the bonafided Orgy Queen who teaches Sunday school?

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