No need to be shy about taking off your clothes. In case you haven’t heard today marks the beggining of nude recreation week, and if you ever had any interest in frolicing outside naked and exposing your privates to air, sunshine and the occasional mosquito bite, now is the time to strip. On until the 16th of July think of suggesting a clothing optional activity to your sweetie and taking a chance to increase your vitamin D level by streaking. Having been to a variety of nude beaches all over the world, I am always struck by the same things. The first is how ordinary people are. I think it was my friend Gerry the mailman who said that “if you stopped a busload of people and had everyone strip, that is the typical group of nudists”. Big, small, old, young, tattooed, and wrinkly,  you learn pretty quickly that everyone has the same parts. Secondly, that once people take their clothes off they relax, are less uptight, and more likely to engage in genuine conversation- rather than just smiling and nodding at you as you would with strangers at any other beach or campground.  It’s also liberating to shed some of those body image issues that I believe every woman (and man men) have.  Time to embrace your new skin, and shed some of what you’re hiding behind. Happy Nude Recreation Week, think of the fun and games you can have in your office this week!


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