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We-vibe_lrg I was speaking at Sexapalooza a few weeks ago and as I got off the podium, I was handed a gift. It was my very own we vibe, invented and designed in Canada and is now THE toy that heterosexual couples need in their bedside table. Thanks Bruce! I know what you're thinking. Another disappointing toy. Nope, this one is different. It's revolutionary in a couple of ways. It has no batteries (yeah! as I'm always losing those blasted things anyway), it comes in it's own case (a fetching purple), and has no protruding parts (the on/off switch is buried inside the silicone so not to rub on your neither regions), and has it's own charging feature, and holds it's charge for a good long time.

It has two speeds – low/high and has some decent torque. The bottom slides inside the vagina, while the top part stimulates clitorally, and stays in place well. A good shape, and it had an elegant feel as to not to feel the least bit uncomfortable anywhere. On the whole, I liked it moderately well as a solo toy. Given I still prefer my clitoral toys to plug into the wall and give me uncontested power, so even with the dual vibration I found the we vibe wasn't as strong as I like it.

However the beauty of the we vibe is as a couples toy. Put it inside and then have your partner penetrate you simultaneously. It may look awkward (like there isn't enough space), but trust me, it just makes the whole experience snugger. The vibration hits both partners together and it was a terrific sensation. We loved it. The we vibe has recently won some prestigious sex toy awards, and with good reason. An incredible innovation and  design in a traditional marketplace. The nice thing is that it was done – not by the big boys at Doc Johnson or Cal Exotica, but by a small company that re-mortgaged their house to bring it to market. If you are in the market for a sex toy for your sweetie this Valentine's Day – this is the best one I've come across in a long while. Enjoy.

2 thoughts on “It's always a good day when you get a new sex toy

  1. Thanks Sue,
    Glad you enjoy the We-Vibe.
    Yes, although the We-Vibe probably has the highest power to weight ratio of any toy on the market, it is small and it’s power is limited by the laws of physics.
    Our custom clitoral motor took more than a year to develop as no “off the shelf” motor was small enough and powerful enough.
    I am working on a Turbo Charged XLR Mach IV High Powered version for you Hitachi wand girls. ( Probably 20% of the population )
    We still have some issues to work out with the power company as one of our prototypes may have caused a recent black out in the Toronto area. If the lights don’t dim when it is plugged in, it can’t be powerful enough 🙂
    In all seriousness, I hear you and we take action on valued input like this. Thanks.
    Cheers from Ottawa,

  2. That’s a pretty cool adult toy, i’m curious if the battery is replaceable or not. it kind of looks like a hair clip. I’d sure like to try one out sometime!
    Props to Canada for keeping it real in the adult industry.

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