So Valentine’s Day is almost upon us. And you want to guarantee a successful encounter in the bedroom. How do you set the stage for romance?
Here are my thoughts on the subject:
As a woman, you are turned on by what you hear and what you imagine. Hw about a disk of sexy music (I provide the 30 best boffing songs at the forum at that you both will enjoy He’ll appreciate the effort, you’ll be turned on too and it will be something he remembers.
I have a couple of girlfriends who always take pictures of each other in something sexy to give to their husbands every Valentine’s Day. This s year 5 and the shotsare getting riskier. I know their guys count it as the favourite present of the year. Hockey tickets included.
Men are attractedto “newness”. Any different scent, different hair extention, pretend bad accent and you have their undivided attention.
My new favourite aphrdisiac are edible hibiscus in syrup that you add to champagne and drink during the foreplay. I have it on great authority that it works very well.
Finally, know that althoug everyone has a different idea about what is romantic. Most people will have time for each other, play and an urge to get naked if they get the chance. That’s whyyou get so much sex on holiday. You give adults privacy, time and relaxation and base biology takes over. So maybe the best gift this year are movie passes for the kids and two hours uninterupted at home. Smile.

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