Sexy_toes   I’m a little vain about my toes. Cute, well cared for, (a bit beat up because of high heel blisters, and walking barefoot for six months of the year), but they are symmetrical, and they do me well. Considering I’ve had my figure faults, having a feature that a few patients of mine  went gaga over has always been flattering.  I’ve alway loved having my feet rubbed (way better than any other kind of massage), and understood that many men have a bit of a toe fixation or fetish. I just never realized how many.Sexy_toes2

I’m at a fancy dress-up function last week where many of the women present were in open-toed heels. Sitting back people watching, (as I always do), I noticed the body language where the men checked out legs, breasts, and asses, but the number of men who’s gazes lingered at the feet surprised me. Maybe it’s like buying a new car, and then suddenly you see the same model everywhere. It’s just that you weren’t sensitized before.  I’ve now bumped hip to just how erotic feet, especially feet with attitude can be. And how many boys find them hot.

Something to consider as I smush my toes back inside tights and boots for a few months. I need to let my piggies breathe more. Pass the pedi paddle, and repeat after me;

"This little piggy went into his mouth. This little piggy tickled his crotch. This little piggy tasted like strawberries. This little piggy was coloured in polish. And this little piggy called wee, wee, wee up his body until he went insane with pleasure."


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