Christie  Have you been following this story? Man, the price of fame. Apparently, Christie Brinkley is divorcing her husband Peter Cook, who was caught boffing his teenage intern/office assistant. Other woman It seems that even if you have been named one of the "most beautiful women in the world" you are still at risk to get thrown over for the younger woman. I guess even supermodels have difficult relationships.  My sweetie says that men at their basic levels categorize women into the "doable" and "not doable" groups. I've said it before. I don't think women get how horny men are, and it's better to be open sexually, than have it pop up with the apple in your office. 

Christie and  her life (and sorrid details) are again front page news. It's the reason I won't ever run for office (I was very flattered to be asked to run Provincially – but can't imagine a worse fit for me). I don't want any job where I have to apologize for who I am. I rule my life with the mantra that I do no harm, and try not to live to embarrass my kids. All that to say that I'm feeling for Christie and her kids when I read this, but wonder about the lure of 18 year old interns for middle aged men. Even when you seem to have everything the temptation is there.,,,,2933,439044,00.html

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