Honeymoon_1 I’m going to a cousin’s wedding reception, after she and her new husband eloped in Bali a few months ago. In the pictures, not just the ones in the white dress, but the following shots of her in Australia touching crocodiles, or hiking in Thailand I noted that she had never looked better. It caused me to wonder, was it just the holiday- relaxing- lots of time to boff- or is honeymoon sex really the best there is? When I asked a few female friends and patients, many of them mentioned holiday/honeymoon time as a time when they could stop thinking about life, and just be in the moment. But any of them also spoke of high school, when they would neck and pet for hours, but never comsumated the deal.  You know, everything else but intercourse. For many of these women, that was supremely hot.  But not for me.  High school sex for many guys, was quick, awkward, I-don’t-know-what-I’m-doing, and it only got better with time. What I’ve realized is that men think sex is mind blowing, when their own performance is steller. They remember the times when they had a bit too much to drink, and lasted way, way longer than normal. They also mention to me the spontaneous, out of the ordinary sex as the best they remember. Was it the change room, the hotel rooftop, or airline bathroom that you remember as the hottest sex?  Or was it, in retrospect that honeymoon I spent camping in eastern Ontario where I came home full of bug bites and tent burn….

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