I was never the kid with the diary. Some of my friends journaled about their life daily, one of them, my friend Kim is just publishing her teenage memoires as she wrote about the going through an adolescent pregnancy. She’s now a grandmother in her early 40’s. I, on the other hand, never did. I found (for yhr five of you who actually read my blog), that I wasn’t sure it was worthwhile, but made a decision that my patients are just too damn interesting, and their issues too relevant, not to chart it in a real, but anonymous way. I’m doing some interesting discussions about herbal libido stuff, monogamy ( and it’s many trials), conversations with mistresses, new stuff about the prostate and more chewy stuff. Can”t wait to fill you in, so I’m back. Write me, and tell me that something, anything may resonate with you. I much prefer conversation to lecturing.

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