Given that it feels that I’ve read everything about health and weight loss published in the last 10 years (you should see the hundreds of books and journals I’ve plowed through) It helps to be a compulsive reader. I’ve become fascinated with the work of Dr. Kenneth Seaton. Not to see too Howard Hughes like, Seaton says that cleaning the underside of your fingernails with a semi-soft soap a couple of times a day and cleaning out your eyes, nose and ears with a mineral soap will reduce your chance of infection/flu/ cold etc. by over 70%. Dr. Seaton says that germs don’t fly they hitchhike under our nails and land in our eyes or nose when we touch our faces. It also makes you thinner.
I can hear you saying huh?
Apparently the protein juice (the portable liver) called Albumin is greatly improved when it doesn’t have to produce antibodies. The Albumin levels are lowered when our body has to take time out to fight those pesky germs. If our Albumin is high it lowers our weight, bumps up the good cholesterol, and helps balance our hormones. I’ve just started his systems. Using a mineral based soap under my nails (and then spraying 3% hydrogen peroxide on your hands afterwards, pouring 1/2 cup of salts in my bath, and using saline (table salt in water) to clean around your eyes and nose.
I’ve been on the ice cream diet, the cabbage soup diet and diets where they had to give me injections. This doesn’t seem any crazier and the science is sound. I’ll let you know how it goes.