work spouse
So how do you know when your work partner is being more to you than a partner in crime during work hours? Most people spend 8 hours plus having continual conversations with co-workers. You have to text them, often travel with them, and can be under a great deal of pressure to work intimately on deadlines. I have a number of cases lately of work colleagues who start becoming more. Here are some things you can do if you When you start thinking about co-workers in more than a professional manner.
1. Make sure you introduce your real life partner to your co-workers. It makes it real when you see the life that someone has outside of the office.
2. Don’t text anything you wouldn’t want your real spouse to read. Be especially careful after hours. What sounds fun and flippant at 2 in the morning after a couple of drinks sounds inappropriate when someone reads it at 9 am.
3. Don’t drink with your work partner. Those lines get blurry when alcohol is involved.
4. Don’t monologue about your work partner to your real spouse. It creates jealousies and makes partners wonder if more is there. Even if its not.
5. Know what is healthy work situation. Stop it when it gets too close to the line of alone time and intimate connection building.