We belong to a large camping community we we have our cottage near Calabogie Ontario in the Lanark Highlands. It’s a gorgeous spot with 150 foot pristine lake, granite outcropping and a spectacular hardwood forest. As my friend Tony says “the only thing that keeps it from absolute paradise and being swarmed by people are the bugs”. And the bugs are significant. May the black flies are ferocious until the dragon flies hatch and eat them up. But then the mosquitoes kick in.
I am the person you want to sit beside at the campfire. Watching the fireworks this weekend everyone crowded around me because I am the one the mosquitoes try and bite first. I say it’s because I’m juicy. However for the first time I’ve found a trick that seems to work.
It’s a combination of brewer’s yeast and Vitamin B1 (thiamin). I take these extra supplements during the summer months (when I am decreasing the vitamin D). Researchers are conflicted as to why it works. Some scientists think it’s because it produces a skin odor that’s not noticeable to humans but bugs don’t like. The dosage is 25-50 mg tree times a day. I tend to be lazy and swallow them twice a day. It takes rouhgly 2 weeks for the vitamin build up in you system to keeps the bugs from swarming.
You can get vitamin B1 in foods like asparagus, oranges, kale, and organ meats. I find the supplements easy to take and they are making a huge difference.