I just finished an interview with author Gretchen Rubin (the Happiness Project). It turns out she wrote a book I read a number of years ago (which may be still on some unorganized book shelf in my office- help!) called Power Money Fame Sex. Who can resist such a title?
Like my favorite Robert Greene book-Seduction, Gretchen talks about tings you can do to make you more powerful and attractive to the opposite sex. I thought at the time the book was interesting but really like the summaries Rubin shares on her website.
Given what I know of evolutionary biology, it is a great list. I try and translate some of this into fantastic dating ads. Fun, casual, suggestive, kind with a sexy photo. For men, I think your projected image to get women has to be humble, funny, self deprecating, safe, confident with great personal hygiene.
Here is what Gretchen thinks women need to do in order to attract a Mr. Right now of quality.
1. Men are attracted by signs of fecundity, so aim to look youthful and bursting with health.
2. Tastes differ, but most men have a preference for women who are busty, tall, with long, usually blonde, hair.
3. Signal your availability by wearing tight clothes that reveal a lot of skin. Move your body to afford him a good view of your figure.
4. A man is eagerly looking for a sign that you’re interested. Make suggestive gestures: suck seductively on a straw, lick your lips, stroke your own arms or legs.
5. Make it easy for a man to start up a conversation. Wear an unusual piece of jewelry; drive a crazy car; carry a controversial book.
6. Look intently into his eyes, and let him catch you staring at him.
7. Energy is attractive, so speak with animation and put a bounce in your step.
8. Suggestive conversation drives men wild. If you’re on an airplane, drop hints about your secret desire to join the Mile High Club. If you’re at a party, confess with a glass of champagne in your hand that champagne always makes you misbehave.
9. Radiate sprezzatura – act nonchalant and light-hearted.
10. Men and women alike appreciate the quality of kindness.