How to date your spouse. Romance killers on your date nights

I’ve been offering up suggestions for date nights in order to keep your relationships hot. This week’s adventures including a pirate boat cruise, and tata (boob) wash-on tattoos that said “lucky you”.
However on our date nights I’ve been compiling the list of things NOT to do to kill the mood.
The rules for date nights:
1. Pick at least 2 nights (preferably the same nights, ie the second Thursday of the month…). You each take responsibility for planning the night. The other spouse just smiles and co-operates.
2. Don’t discuss kids, work, money or extended family. read the paper for something new to talk about, come up with an erotic story, talk about a time when you felt connected, what you love about your partner etc. but for God’s sakes stay away from the mood killers. Relationships take work.
3. Don’t do something on your date that keeps your from re-kindling. Things like a crowded movie (except a drive in), or going out with another couple, work colleagues etc.
4. Don’t make a headache or feeling lousy as an excuse not to go out with your partner. If you are really sick, schedule a make up day IMMEDIATELY.
5. Make sure there is a sensuous component to your date. Humour works well too.
Your relationship takes work. With a 50% divorce rate where “drifting apart” is listed as the #1 reason why the marriages break up, date nights are essential. The longer I’m a therapist the more I realize that. Go to for my list of great date night suggestions.