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The day after Valentine’s Day and you are recovering from too much wine, chocolate and positive attention. Or is that just me? If you didn’t get anything for Valentine’s Day (and cried about it) your partner probably didn’t get much action last night.
A new study
The researchers accidentally happened upon the evidence that women’s tears make men feel as if they have taken a cold shower.
When we cry, we may be doing more than expressing emotion. Our tears, according to striking new research, may be sending chemical signals that influence the behavior of other people. The research, published on Thursday in the journal Science, could begin to explain something that has baffled scientists for generations: Why do humans, unlike seemingly any other species, cry emotional tears?
They had assumed chemical signals from tears would trigger sadness or empathy in others. But initial experiments found that sniffing women’s tears did not affect men’s mood or empathy, but “had a pronounced influence on sexual arousal, a surprise,” Dr. Sobel said.
What happens if you cry during sex? Lots of women start weeping during the orgasmic release. It may mean the end of things for your partner. Interesting new research about chemical signatures. I get them from the smell of clean babies (awww), men in expensive cologne (that suits them), my partner without a shirt on, and with other menstruating women. I seem to know when the women around me are having their periods. Just like when your cycles all regulate during University, we send off a chemical signature that the small vomeronasal organ in our nose uses to detect pheromones. Phermones are the biochemistry put off by other people. I believe it is how you feel that “love at first sight”. I think it is “love at first whif.
What does all this mean?
It means that tears will get out of sex. It drops down your partner’s testosterone and send out the not in the mood signal. It also means that you can throw cold water on your own pleasure with a blubbering water works display. I hope you had a good Valentine’s Day. And you saved the tears for another day.