Economic priniciples and more sex
I’m reading the book Spousonomics by Szuchman and Anderson. It’s sub titled “Using Economics to manster Love, Marriage and Dirty Dishes”.
It’s a great read. It uses ecomonic principles such as supply and demand, loss aversion, incentives, revealed preferences, and cost benefit analysis. I know what you are thinking – big yawn this sounds dull. But the book used specific examples of how people behave and fight and how universal business principles can apply to solve the problem. I immediately used it in my counseling practce yesterday. I loved the idea that sex can be all about supply and demand. If sex is “expensive” the demand goes down. If you think it should be incredibly romantic, and have lots of effort you are less inclined to jump in. If it’s easy (or cheap) you can have it frequently, blow jobs, casual romps etc.
It has become so awkward for many people. It was interesting that I had a couple yesterday who after being together for 8 years didn’t know what turned each other on. If I had you list the top 3 things that your partner liked sexually could you answer the question?