There has been so much written about women and hormonal imbalances. In fact I am so convinced that hormone problems are at the root of so many lifestyle issues with women and have been grossly misdiagnosed. Depression, anger, sleep problems sex drive, moodiness, weight etc can all be attributed to a misplaced (or misdiagnosed) hormonal level. If we put ourselves at optimum health and keep our hormones balanced, then the craziness and cravings go away. Halleluiah.
Although men’s hormone issues aren’t as dramatic as women’s, they are ever bit as real. If men have too much testosterone they are agitated, aggressive, sexual, and have problems with acne and testicular issues. Think of guys on steroids and you get the idea. That’s the problem with too much.
However too little testosterone or andropause is the slowly, insidious depletion of hormones so that before you know it you resemble your grandfather. Men with a lowering of testosterone are easy to spot. They have that beer belly or pregnant look where their gut hangs over their belt. They are also not as interested in sex as they were in previous years (although they will still admire the hot women walking down the street).
So what do you do? The challenge for most people is to find a doctor that understands hormones. The range for testosterone is so vast that even if you have a level “inside normal limits” it may not be low to have you feeling like your manly self. The other challenge is that some doctors are concerned that testosterone causes prostate cancer. There has NEVER been a study that shows that conclusively (and I challenge any physician to show me any differently). The Wiley protocol will mail you hormones if you want to try that route.
Otherwise be persistent. You can protect yourself (or your partner) and put that bounce back in your step.