Vitamins The truth as I know it about supplements. There as, yet are no pills to make you bigger. period. Don’t believe it, it is a scam.  I’ve interviewed 3 experts – Kevin Trudeau,, Mike Bode -Mr. Universe guy, ( and Ray Sahelian (his site tries to sell you stuff, just to warn you…)  There is still no magic pill to help premature ejaculation.  Have a listen to my interview with Mike Bode, and I’ll see if I can get the Kevin Trudeau one to play as well.

There is however, interesting stuff to enlarge your breasts (the pills causes your breasts to retain fluid), and a bunch of herbal viagra (Valura, and Vigor are the two best known ones), and a few others to cause you to bump up that failing libido.  The news from the Natural Health Expo that happened last week in Anaheim, California was that low carb is out, and cocao and chocolate and NONI juices are in.  Yeah for chocolLove ate lovers.  Now if you could combine chocolate with great sex herbs…hmmmm.

feeling the love, Sue

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