Camping You know women talk about sex. A lot. Well I was camping this week (bug bites, frogs, snakes, countless fish, and burnt marshmallows), and sitting around the campfire the conversation naturally headed south. The kind of conversation you can only have with a girlfriend under the stars where we discussed giving the perfect blow job. I know men hope we have these conversations (along with the fantasy of prancing around in baby-doll pj’s), but this one was refreshingly honest.

I think giving oral sex is one of the most intimate things you can possibly do with someone. I think there is something trusting about having the most vulnerable part of his body in the most dangerous part of yours. The power of it all. Bringing your partner to orgasms orally can make you feel powerful.  At least that’s what came out of the conversation between poking the firewood.

I have another friend who really doesn’t like to give oral.  She remembers calling down the street at her bachelorette party "no more head, I’m going to be wed". She does it rarely, and for the life of me, I can’t understand why it is such a big deal. Quid pro quo, and buddy you better anty up, but how can you possibly know your partner if you haven’t smelt, tasted, touched, and provoked those intimate parts? As unique as fingerprints, the sexual response is where the rubber meets the road, where you are truly vulnerable and show what you’re made of. I think sex is close to the bone, it’s what makes it so powerful, and let’s face it, those bones are awfully fun to chew on.

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