It must be a case of raging-almost 40 year old hormones that I find myself checking out men at Starbucks. I watch the blind and first dates being played out over grande moch latte’s.  I also watch the body language of what I think our married couples doing the "third rate romance thing". A secret lover, or a Mistress for Christmas – sound interesting? The problem is that for so many women it’s way, way past the "zipless Fuck" that Erica Jong so aptly summed up.  It’s the connection, the squoogies, the intimacy, the je ne sais quoi, the romance that makes us damp…Sexyguy

So it’s finding the partner that fulfills a bunch of secret desires can be illusive.  Women whether they’ll admit it themselves want that feeling of pooling lust, and romance in low places intheir bodies. It’s a bit about both the ying and the yang. Larry Brooks says: "initially  it’s all about compatible assests. Chemistry. Before long the game changes, it becomes about compatible liabilities. A killer one-eighty.  To make it really work, to make the turn, you have to have compatible flaws, compatible vulnerabilities, compaticle tolerances."   So the relationship is about havign insecurities together.  I ponder this over my tea as I watch the age old mating dance played out in front of me.  Maybe it’s only about compatible frappachinos.

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