Watermelon1 Have you heard about the study of something called citrulline? It’s something in watermelons that dilate the blood vessels and improve sexual performace, giving people a viagra-like benefit.  say cool. Imagine all the hard on’s at church socials, and summer barbeque’s.The nutrients in watermelon can “deliver Viagra-like effects to the body’s blood vessels and may even increase libido,” according to Science Daily

 I’ve been doing even more reading about sexual nutrition (just wait until I regale you with stories of my class on sprouts..), and I’m convinced that much of what ails you can be solved with antioxidents and certain foods. I take these tiny, little cinnamin tablets to regulate my blood sugar, zinc to keep my squishy parts squishy, and now I’ll be buying even more watermelon.

There are three photo-nutrients; in watermelon which are delivering these : lycopene, beta carotene and citrulline. Coupled with a herbal supplement like Thrust which increases the nitric oxide in the blood stream like  an increase in trace minerals (from either a mineral supplement, or drinking mineral water) you should be doing the Bob Doyle thing without the benefit of pharmaceuticals. I had a 89 year old patient who was still having sex with his 84 year old wife. Their diet was lots of fruits, meat, real cream (he used to be a farmer), and he was still chasing her around the house. As his wife told me, “He’s a frenchman, everything else is falling apart, but the protruding part is the only thing that still works right.” I wonder how much watermelon he ate?

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