Happy Valentine’s Day!
I hope you are enjoying it with your sweetie! Like most parents, I’m waiting until bedtime hoping to get some romance. I had a night of dancing and a homemade “hallmark card”. I am reminded that Valentine’s Day is about showing some appreciation with your partner and saying “I would marry you all over again”. So what are the key points to remember?
1. Couples who have good relationships have a 5 to 1 ratio of saying nice things to their partner versus a more critical comment.
2. Couples understand “fight club rules”. Fighting is relevant, doesn’t bring up stuff from ages ago, and doen’t ever get mean. Fighting is about resolving differences.
3. Taking chances and sexual adventures. I’m convinced that every middle-aged person needs sexual adventures. I especially think it is important to listen to your partner when they want to discuss a sexual quirk or fantasy. Men especially, feel judged and perverted if they start talking about thier sexual identity outside the norm. However it is in a loving relationship that you need to take risks to keep the fires burning.
Finally, I’m reading so much about the need for sleep in staying connected. I had an appointment with a sleep physician who said that overwhelmingly couples who are able to get a good night sleep together feel so much closer to each other. Darkness, the right temperature and hitting the sack early may be some of the best things you can do for your marriage.
Goodnight and Happy Valentine’s Day!!!