I had a chance to go to the premiere of the Green Lantern movie out this week. I was accompanied by my 12 year old son (who thought the special effects were too cool), my sweetie (see previous statement- boys like cool effects), and his 21 daughter. She and I were busy ogling Ryan Reynalds (People magazine’s sexiest man alive) in his underwear to pay too much attention to the special effects.
It’s been a good summer already for eye candy. Chris Hemsworth is the muscle bound Thor was particularly appealing. You have to love clothing optional Viking guys wielding a hammer. I guess with Natalie Portman pregnant this summer we couldn`t do the really hot sex scene. Too bad.
And then there is Johnny Dep an Penelope Cruz in Pirates of the Caribbean 4. There may be nothing sexier (and cooler) than Johnny as a Jack Sparrow the pirate.
Anyway, despite the terrible reviews I liked the Green Lantern. You knew you were going to get mindless, unbelievable entertainment. It`s from a comic book. Expect that and you won`t be disappointed. I liked the story line better than Thor. You had upfront monsters (you knew who the bad guys were), the characters were balanced, and the hero a wounded soul. And as my son said, `the aliens were Kicking`.
A great kid and mindless date movie and it will give you a good amount of eye appeal in the boyish- but very cute Ryan Reynalds. He`s got the chops (and the abs). Enjoy.