I do read voraciously. When I have a few hours to myself you can almost always find me buried in a great book. So when I’m travelling I burn through loads of them. Airport lounges, mornings in hotel rooms, and sitting by the pool I devour my share. And if you can’t being back the already read due to luggage space, most resorts have a leave and take borrowing bookshelf. I leave what I’ve read for someone else to discover.
It is from these take-what-you-want piles that I first read Harry Potter, the Twighlight series, loads of trashy romances and great mysteries, and some one- off finds.
I think it was because I thought it was by Judy Bloom, not Judy Blunt that I picked up Breaking Clean the first time. A memoir about life farm wife on the ranch. Given my recent find of Ree Drummond’s Pioneer Woman books I was in the mood for more.
Breaking Clean is up there in the top 3 best books I’ve read in recent memory. Absolutely riveting. The strength, the work ethic and struggles that she has gone through really humble me.
I am going to giv the copy I took (it’s not going back on the table) to my Mom. Anybody else who wants to read it order it from Amazon immediately. It was that good.
Let me add my voice to the chous of reviews. It was profound and moving as stated.