If there is one mantra we speak about when I’m doing the Love and Lipstick radio show, is that “the quality of your life is the quality of your relationships. But improving our relationships effectively amongst all the zillion of things we do every day can be challenging. And with so much buzz about the importance of business relationships in the news, personal relationships are relegated to the little time you have between finishing the dinner dishes, watching Dancing with the Stars, and collapsing into an unconscious heap in bed.
At the 3 minute therapist we have a belief in shortcuts. Bite size solutions that cut right to the root of the problem.
I have come up with quick list of the top 5 things you can do to improve your relationships. Thanks to a speech I heard from Debra Ennis to help me crystallize these ideas.
1. Understand and Empathize. This means look at your partner’s perspective without judgement to give you insight into mutual goals. I have a “couples mission statement” which we re-visit annually and use as a basis for making life decisions as a family.
2. Show the people in your life respect. Be on time, don’t talk about them outside of the relationship, and offer up sincere compliments.
3. Candor. You need to be able to be authentic and state your position clearly. Put the differences or challenges out on the table and try and match your actions directly.
4. Have a positive intent. – Assume that the other person has your best interest at heart. You may be occasionally disappointed, but your willingness to trust attracts trustworthy people.
5. Celebrate. Have adventures, make sure that you tell the world about accomplishments. Everyone, and I mean everyone has a need to be recognized at some level. Be the biggest cheerleader around.