I’ve just finished the book by Ree Drummond “Black Heels to Tractor Wheels” about being an urban girl in love with The Marlboro Man, real-life, Oklahoma cowboy. There was this great segment where she talks about locking herself into the bathroom at a wedding, stripping off her dress and dancing around trying to dry off the sweat that was pouring off her. I can so relate. I know you can too. Whether it was the pantihose sliding to my crotch, trying to dab off a stain on my suit, fix a fashion faux-pas or generally not being cool it happens to all of us.
Being legendarily uncool was the topic of conversation over lunch with two of my radio sponsors. And great food of course. The bunch of us are foodies and engage in a conversation (as only women over 30 can) about men, what cookbooks we’ve read, hormones (making us crazy), and how we are turning into our mothers.
Sandra had a great story about having overactive sweat glands and trying to get a doctor to look at her. In Ontario, with such a shortage of family doc’s you have to beg and grovel to be taken on as a patient. Sandra had to convince a doctor to take on her sweaty boob self.
In the book by Ree Drummond she packs baby powder and tissues and works at low stress situations. Apparently it gets worse as we get more hormonal.
Sigh. Something to look forward to.