NotgrabbingI get a bunch of e-mails from women who are so worried about what they look like naked. As a fellow woman with hips, I know how concerning it is to get naked in front of someone new for the first time.  Men, look, but most aren’t expecting porn star bodies, and just want enthusiasm in the bedroom. Guys, it seems, are fretting about the size of their equipment.  Actual, penis size is one of the top three questions I get from men. (premature ejaculation, and erections round it out).  And I tell them that average is better!!!! Too big, and you’re banging away at the back of her vagina, causing her ovaries to get jostled, and feeling like you’re getting stabbed, as he thrusts to what feels like the back of your throat.  I have way more patients come to see me with problems of being too big, rather than too small.  Just for the record, average is about 4-5 inches.  You can look hot and please your partner if you’re only packing a 3 inch dick. It’s much more important what it feels like in girth (width) than length.  We can handle  delivering a baby with a head the  size of a cantelope, but can olny handle a maximum of 5 -6 inches in our little caves.

I’ll give you the dirt on increasing your size, and finding out  what men  really want from thier partners in tomorrow’s blog.  Oh, here is my podcast  on penis size for your listening pleasure.Download sex_with_sue_minute_orgasms.mp3

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