With snow piled to the windows here in the frozen north, a young girl’s fancy turns to thoughts of….. frolicking naked. At least mine do. The joys of being a sex therapist are that I have to lead the way when asked about current trends in sexuality. It’s a tough job, but somebody has to explore brave new worlds.

I had been hearing about a new trend in vacation spots that have become more and more popular over the last few years, that are clothing optional, adult couples only, but elegant. Given the popularity of Hedonism, I had been happy to hear of the next evolution in sensuous resorts. You have to have been on Mars to have not heard about Hedonism over the last decade, a chain of three resorts full of quasi-naked people having debaucherous fun-in-the-sun.  Kind of a spring break for the over 25 crowd, but my idea of a holiday is more romance novels (the bodice ripping kind) than of soft core porn. And given that I am close to 15 years past my girls-gone-wild-spring-break days, I wanted to find a place that was lusty, but not over the top given Hedo’s reputation.

Enter Desire Riviera Maya resort in ( yeah!)Cancun, Mexico. I was passing through last week, and was invited to spend the day between a visit to two other Mexican destinations. I was already getting sun, and free pina coladas at another resort, so just being there didn’t cause me to extol it’s virtues. I went purely with research in mind, to see if it lived up to the hype. I know, I know, a really tough job.


It was spectacular. I found my new happy place, and can’t say enough good things about it. Between the private beds on the private beach that come with crisp sheets, overstuffed pillows, and a cabana boy (with the previously mentioned pina coladas), tastefully done rooms, couples massage after glow spaces, to die for coconut ice cream, private jacuzzi swim up bar, and an ambiance of gentle eroticism, it was the honeymoon I always wish I had. Beautifully appointed, excellent service, nice people – it was a romantic holiday without the sandy bathing suits. The ages ranged from 20’s to 60’s, educated, secure couples, who were friendly, but not leering. The worry that it was unedited orgies break out the minute you arrive is unfounded. This is the place where you re-connect as a couple. If you can’t have hot sex here, then sex therapy really is in order.

I absolutely loved it, and think they’ve done a great job walking that middle line. Gracious but edgy, a tough line to walk given that much of the resort is nude, but walk it they do. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to any adventurously discreet couple, with a healthy curiosity and sense of humor. They have another location in Los Cabos have a look at the pictures… and it may be my new mission in life to get invited to do a compare and contrast research assignment between the two resorts.  The hardest working sex therapist around….

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